$44.99 Real Estate Continuing Education Bundles

4MeCE provides 18hrs of Real Estate Continuing Education for Only $44.99.

Real Estate Brokers who do not sponsor sales agents or are not the delegated supervisor are not required to take the Broker Responsibility Course.  (Please confirm with TREC if you are a Broker that you do not need the Broker Responsibility course.)  Therefore, they can take the Sales Agent 18hr Bundle to satisfy the CE renewal requirement.

NOTE: A real estate license holder who is not required to take the Broker Responsibility course may take this course and receive six hours toward continuing education (CE) requirements.

Our real estate continuing education courses provide a premier learning experience. Lessons are designed to help you achieve more by building your confidence in the real estate profession, increasing your productivity and branching into new areas of work so you can have more control over your career.

All active brokers and sales agents are required to take 18 hours of approved continuing education (CE) prior to license renewal every two years.  Eight hours of this CE must include 4 hours in TREC Legal Update 1 and 4 hours in TREC Legal Update 2. These courses provide information concerning recent updates and changes to laws, regulations, legal definitions, ethics of practice, and forms as they apply to real estate in Texas. https://www.trec.texas.gov

The 4MeCE 18-hour Texas real estate continuing education license renewal package for $44.99 provides you the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to complete your Continuing Education Requirements. Please note that per TREC rules students may only complete 12 hours of CE on any given day.

Meet your Texas real estate continuing education requirements with a variety of CE courses from 4MeCE Schools.