We send TREC CE completion records to TREC electronically on a daily basis. Once it has been processed by TREC, the credit is in their system for renewal purposes, but may not be reflected on their website for 1-3 business days.

Please use the dropdown arrow on the upper right-hand corner and click profile and you find your courses there or you can type www.4mece.com/profile in your browser.

Yes. You will take the entire course and testing (if required) online. (Testing is required on some courses due to regulatory requirements). You can start or stop the course at anytime, then pick up at a later time. The system has multiple back-up systems to remember your place in the course.

Once you purchase your TREC CE or NMLS course(s), our system gives you 12 months to complete your courses. If you need additional time, simply call us for an extension. (Although: Make sure to complete your courses prior to your expiration date!)

No special computer knowledge is necessary to take courses.

Yes. Our courses are designed to allow students to study on any device with Internet access and a browser, including smartphones and tablets.
No. You only need an Internet browser for the course itself and Adobe Reader for supplemental materials.

After one week, if our course doesn’t feel right, you can request up to a 100% refund. If you haven’t started the course, you have 14 Days from purchase to submit a request.